Diaar 24
  • النرجس
  • 04th Apr 2023
project description
The Diaar 24 project is located in Al-Narjis neighborhood in Madinah
Riyadh, the project is distinguished by its proximity to Anas Road and King Road
Salman and the airport as it is located in the middle of the surroundings
all living services

Project guarantees

  • 25 years electric drum warranty
  • 15 years warranty on tank insulation
  • 15 years warranty on green pipes
  • 15 year thermal insulation guarantee
  • 15 years waterproofing guarantee
  • 10 years structural warranty
  • 02 years sanitary ware warranty
  • 01 year elevator warranty
  • 01 year full warranty

Smart home

  • outside bell
  • lighting control
  • air conditioning control

Safety and security

  • smoke detector
  • automatic fire sprinkler

After-sales service

  • Maintenance of corridors, air conditioning, lighting and elevator
  • Free rental service available
  • Pay the water bill and maintenance of tanks
  • Electricity bill payment (service)
  • The presence of a supervisor in constant contact with you
  • Pay the guards' salaries
The project Location

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